The Importance of a Website for Selling Online

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In this modern era, there are many things that can make it easier for humans to get information and convey information, one way to do this is to use the Internet.

On the internet, various information can be accessed through websites or websites. Many websites are scattered on the internet, the number of which is difficult to count. Because one of the functions of the website is to disseminate information freely and quickly, that’s why many people are currently using websites to sell online.

Website Functions

In general, a website is a collection of website pages on the internet that contain information, websites are named using a domain or sub-domain that is equipped with the WWW (World Wide Web). You can see the address of a website in the address bar of the web browser that you are using. The main function of the website is as a means of communication, disseminating, and providing information to many people.

1. Information Function

Providing various information needed by many people. The function of this website is to provide quality content, starting from the method of delivery, and discussion of information, to the required graphics.

2. Communication function

The function of the website is to communicate between users, this website is usually a forum website, webmail, social media, and so on.

3. Transaction Function

The development of the website era is also useful as a means of transaction between sellers and buyers, this function is currently being used by many people to develop their businesses because developing a business online is now faster and more cost-effective than offline.

4. Entertainment Function

Websites are a means of entertainment because currently there are also many websites that provide video streaming, and music streaming, to those that provide online games.


How Important is Hosting for Online Websites?

To run an online business, you need a website, so that other people can find information on the products being sold, product conditions, and how to make transactions online.

When creating a website, data storage is needed which is called hosting. Hosting is a service that provides services for storing files or data on a website so that these files can be accessed by other people.

The hosting task is to manage and serve as a server for the website, besides that it is also useful for securing website data. There are two hosting services that are often used for online selling websites:

1. Shared Hosting

It is usually the cheapest type of hosting and most people are interested in it. Usually, people use this service to create a simple website which can be a company profile, an organization profile, a simple blog, or just a landing page.

Shared hosting provides server-sharing services with other users at the same provider. So you will share facilities with other users on the same server, such as sharing disk space, memory, resources, and so on. that’s why the average shared hosting service is cheap

2. VPS

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a type of hosting that is more private where the resources are only used by one user, so this server is more stable than shared hosting.

Using a VPS allows someone to manage and manage their own resources, so it requires skills in managing servers. In short, this server is a physical form that has virtualization technology so that it is divided into several resources.

You could say VPS is similar to shared hosting because basically it’s still sharing a server with other users but inside it has its own virtual resources. In general, VPS is often used if there are already many website visitors.

How Important is a Website for Selling Online?

1. Save cost

By having a website for selling online, you can save on various costs, from place fees to promotional costs. You only need to look for One Year Cheap Hosting for your online shop website at a hosting service provider.

Apart from that, you can also promote websites that have been created through online advertising services, email marketing, to promotions on social media, ranging from free to paid.

2. Complete information on the products being sold

By using a website to sell online, the website can provide complete information about the product or service you are selling. Usually this information is detailed product specifications, prices, to how to order, and the price of goods. Besides that, you can also display complete profile information for your online store, thereby increasing the trust of potential customers

3. Save Time

You don’t need to bother serving potential customers, because product information is displayed in full, you can also serve potential customers via chat facilities. The payment process can be done quickly with a method that is integrated with the website so that customers make it easier to transact directly.

4. Prospective Customers from Various Places

The website can be accessed by anyone and anywhere. Therefore, by utilizing the website as a means of promotion and selling, the products that are sold have the potential to be known by many people in various places. In addition, the website can also be integrated with your social media account, for example, if you also sell on social medicine, the website can be integrated into that social media account.

Finally, there are many references scattered on the internet for those of you who want to try selling online by creating your own website, I hope this article is useful in adding to your insight, thank you.

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