How to make money from the internet

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To get money from the Internet, even though it’s not required, someone usually has a custom email address as a contact and has a website to provide information on services or products being sold to prospective customers, the aim is to make it look more professional.

To get a custom email with your own domain or brand, we can hire an email hosting service. In short Email Hosting is an email server service, this service provides email hosting for individuals as well as for businesses. It allows its users to send and receive emails using a custom email account according to their domain.

If you are running a business, especially an online business, whether it is selling products or services, you should use an email hosting service, because it can make your business look more professional and trusted by potential customers.

How to make money from the internet


There are several ways to earn online, including:

1. Selling Online

Currently selling online is a way to make money on the internet that can be done by anyone. Many people sell online either by creating an online store with their own website, selling on social media, or using the marketplace. Selling online has many advantages, one of which is saving time and saving costs because it doesn’t require a physical store.

2. Become a Blogger

Many people make blogging a side job and some even make it their main source of income. In the last few years, being an attack on Blogger is one way to get money from the internet.

The job of a blogger is to create content in the form of writing through the facilities of the blogger and WordPress platforms. Usually, a blogger will write an article that discusses something in more detail. The content can be science, product reviews, traveling, and so on.

Becoming a blogger must at least learn the science of SEO which includes how to create good and correct content, keyword research, and so on. That way the articles written can enter the first page of search engines. A blogger mostly earns from advertising, the most famous of which is Adsense.

3. Become a Vlogger

Almost the same as bloggers, but the difference is that vloggers are people who create content in the form of videos and generally use the YouTube platform to upload their content and earn income from there.

In order for the video content to attract attention, make videos that are interesting, and relevant to the interests of the audience, create content regularly, and be consistent. The Vlogger phenomenon emerged in 2006 when YouTube became a popular platform for videos that are easy to access for free.

Currently, many people work as vloggers or often known as YouTubers in search of income and popularity. You can see that many public figures or new artists are now well-known, originally from a Youtuber.

4. Freelancers

The next way to make money from the internet is to become a freelancer. The term Freelancer can be interpreted as a freelancer who is not tied to a company.

Usually, a freelancer does something in accordance with the agreement with the customer. The work of a freelancer can be obtained from various freelancer sites on the internet, forums, and social media.

A freelancer usually does work according to his skills or interests, such as graphic design, programmers, writing articles, data entry, architecture, and so on.

5. Become an influencer

An influencer is a term for people who have popularity on social media, for example on Instagram and on TikTok. An influencer has a lot of followers on his social media account so many companies are interested in product endorsements. From this endorsement, an influencer can make a lot of money.

6. Selling photos or pictures

The next way to get money on the internet is by selling photos or pictures. For those of you who have a hobby of photography or making graphic images, you can sell the results on various platforms, such as on the Shutterstock and iStock websites. Of course, the photos or images that will be sold must meet the requirements, that way you can get additional income.

7. Affiliation

Many people create websites just to join a company’s affiliate program. This method allows the company to embed the product links it sells on the website that is created. Then if someone buys the product via the link on the website, we will benefit too. Even though this method is quite difficult, many people practice it and are classified as successful, especially abroad.

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