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The term "erectile dysfunction" was introduced in 1992, when American researchers proposed to use it as a broader concept than "impotence".

According to modern statistics, about 10% of men between the ages of 20 and 30 face problems in the sexual sphere, 20% at the age of 30-35, and in the period from 40 to 70 they know firsthand what erectile dysfunction is. approximately 50% of respondents.

At the same time, in the coming years, according to the forecasts of researchers, the number of men experiencing difficulties with intercourse will only grow.

The definition states that sexual dysfunction is a violation of the quality of an erection: the inability to achieve or maintain it to the extent that is required to perform a sexual act.

For men, sexual disorders are a pretext for serious psychological trauma.

After all, the lack of the opportunity to have sexual intercourse causes self-doubt and inferiority complexes that extend throughout a person's life.

Unfortunately, as a result, many men are embarrassed to see a doctor, believing their problem to be “shameful”.

However, there is no need to be afraid to seem not masculine enough: impotence can be caused by goals for a number of reasons, and often minor intervention is required to solve the problem of sexual impotence.

It is also important that erection problems in most cases are not an independent disease, but signal that there is another disorder, for example, atherosclerosis, prostatitis, diabetes mellitus, etc.

Other names for the problem: erectile dysfunction (ED), impotence, impotence.

Depending on what reasons caused the impossibility of sexual intercourse, there are two main types of erectile dysfunction: organic and psychogenic.

As the name implies, organic is associated with somatic problems, and psychogenic - with mental ones.

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Naturally, the symptoms of the two types of sexual dysfunction are almost the same: insufficiently strong erection, impossibility to achieve it, etc.

However, there is one difference: as a rule, organic impotence begins gradually, psychogenic impotence occurs suddenly.

A number of factors can cause organic sexual dysfunction

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diseases of the genital organs; alcohol, drug abuse and even smoking; diseases of the cardiovascular system that affect blood pressure; violation of the transmission of nerve impulses, leading to a decrease in the sensitivity of the penis; disruption of the endocrine system, leading either to an excess of female sex hormones, or to a lack of testosterone; Taking certain medications, such as blood pressure lowering drugs, antidepressants, or diuretics genital trauma.

For example, psychogenic impotence can be caused by infantility, a panic fear of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, fear of an unwanted pregnancy of a partner, etc. Sometimes the reason for the impossibility of having a full sexual intercourse is the belief that the size of the penis is too small.

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Sometimes the symptoms of impotence appear after a man experiences psychological trauma associated with the sexual sphere of the personality. For example, a partner may speak unflatteringly about his sexual ability, which leads to the development of an inferiority complex and fear of new sexual contacts.

The main symptoms of sexual dysfunction include the following: the penis does not reach the desired degree of tension when aroused, as a result of which there is no opportunity to perform normal sexual intercourse; directly during coitus, the level of erection may decrease; sexual desire is either completely absent or significantly reduced; there is no ejaculation, it is not possible to achieve orgasm.

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Sometimes they can be the result of overwork, severe stress, and even drinking too much coffee or alcohol. However, if symptoms persist for a long time, a urologist should be consulted.